encapsulated placenta in circular dishes

I am trained in 2 different methods of placenta encapsulation; Dried Raw Placenta Capsules and the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) method of encapsulation.

Your placenta is an amazing, unique organ made by your body especially for you and your baby. You should expect to receive between 100-200 capsules from your encapsulation dependant on the length of gestation and the size of your baby.

Chinese Caligraphy

Traditional Chinese Medicine

For 1000’s of years the Chinese have championed the placenta in their material medica as being regenerative to the essence and the breath. The placenta is considered powerful, sacred and full of energy (Qi) and life force. It is believed to nourish the blood and is used for a wide variety of illnesses.

Using placenta as a TCM is beneficial in:

  1. Aiding healing and recovery from childbirth.
  2. Restoring lost hormones.
  3. Increased lactation and better quality breast milk.
  4. Shortening post partum bleeding time.
  5. Preventing dips in mood.
  6. Helping form a solid relationship and bond between mother and baby.

TCM encapsulation is THE ONLY method recommended when meconium is present at the birth. After heavy meconium staining raw capsules cannot be made.

Your placenta will be carefully cleaned and prepared for encapsulation, prints and photographs taken and the umbilical cord carefully removed and shaped.

Placenta being steamed in a circular dish along with lemon.

The placenta is then steamed alongside Ginger (circulation), Lemon (grounding) and Green Chilli (warming) In Chinese medicine they are believed to help keep balance and the natural Qi (energy) within the placenta. 

After steaming the placenta is cut in to thin slices and put in to the dehydrator until thoroughly dry. It is then finely ground and encapsulated. It is believed that the state of mind and presence one carries while working with the placenta will be absorbed in to the remedies, so a healing and positive focus is maintained throughout.

 TCM capsules MUST NOT be taken if there is heat from a Yin deficiency. A mother presenting with flushed cheeks, hot palms and feet, fevers, night sweats (symptoms of menopause – many of which are caused by Yin deficiency) or with acute illness characterised by fever, chills, aches and sneezing as these are seen as an invasion of pathogenic evil and placenta should never be consumed alongside these symptoms.

The Placenta is a powerful tonifier and cannot differentiate between the body’s defensive Qi and the invading pathogen, so taking TCM when you have Mastitis or a common cold can make the pathogen stronger and bed in deeper, prolonging and worsening symptoms and distress.



If you wish to use raw placenta, the same method is used as TCM but I forego the steaming and the raw placenta is dehydrated, ground and then encapsulated. Raw encapsulation follows the general “Raw Foods” rule that nothing should be heated beyond 40 degrees C (118 degrees F) where enzymes may be destroyed.  

No method has been found better than the other, so it is the mothers’ personal preference to which method she chooses. 

Single encapsulation on a wooden surface

The suggested dose of placenta capsules is two capsules three times a day for the first six weeks or until strength has been restored.  They can then be used in the weeks, months and even years after, especially in times of sadness and grieving, when the mother suffers pain or when milk supply is low.

Encapsulation equipment